Amulet of Sowilo



The Amulet and the Orb are shown above. The Amulet houses a blue gem and is adorned with a stylized, eight-pointed star, symbolizing Sowilo. The Orb is a plain metal sphere, though it houses great power which is palpable to anyone learned in magic who examines it.

Known history

The Amulet once belonged to Sowilo herself. It was one of many created, and used to endow her followers with great power— effectively allowing her to act through them. But when Sowilo left the earth, the Amulet along with several of her artifacts was left behind. The fact that it can be used by mortals, especially those with ill intent, poses great dangers.

At least once, an Amulet similar to this one was used in bloody battle. (This occurrence was recent enough to be remembered by a ghost some three-to-four hundred years old, whom the party encountered in a magic shop in a riverside town).

The Amulet was lost for many years; its history is mostly unknown. However, someone in the Western Valley must have found it, as it was being transported eastward across the mountains at the time it fell into the party’s hands.

Known properties

When the chain of the Amulet is placed around a person’s neck, and another person holds the Orb, the one with the Orb is given complete control over the other’s actions. The controlled person gains a great deal of power, and is capable of feats normally outside their abilities. If they choose, they may resist the power of the Amulet and try to fight the controller’s grasp.


Abalendath of the White Temple attributes his angelic fall to improper use of the Orb & Amulet. He believes that by attempting to use the artifacts to resurrect the High Priest Ieris— rather than returning them immediately to the goddess, as was his duty— he opposed the will of Sowilo and was stripped of his divine nature.

Amulet of Sowilo

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